an older on the job, and Tarou’s longterm girlfriend. She easily befriends Narumi after finding out your younger girl is actually a Yaoi Fangirl.

an older on the job, and Tarou’s longterm girlfriend. She easily befriends Narumi after finding out your younger girl is actually a Yaoi Fangirl.

Affectionate Nickname “Hana” from Narumi.

  • Ambiguously Bi: Similarly to Narumi, she is presently matchmaking Kabakura and it is an avid Yaoi Fangirl, but she has also a little too a lot enjoyable teasing Narumi and she states the girl basic really love is celebrity Yuki Amami , which starred male functions within the Takarazuka Revue for almost ten years.
  • Animal Motifs: Snakes. When Hanako is located at her angriest, she is driven with snake attention, a lengthy forked language, or both.
  • Appealing Bent-Gender: the lady primary passion is actually cosplaying as male figures, and she seems very good whenever she will it, concise that this lady has a sizeable number of fangirls (such as Narumi).
  • Can’t Hold Her Liquor: Hanako are a great compact, and several beers is enough on her to rant incoherently and stumble correct and left. Hilarity often ensues.
  • Color-Coded Figures: Green. It is the woman locks colors therefore comes up in her own costumes.
  • Cool Big Sis: To Narumi, despite how old they are distinction becoming just annually approximately — Hanako is actually a senior in the office and is mentioned for being confident and proficient at the girl job.
  • Cosplay Otaku woman: Her the majority of apparent otaku hobby was cosplaying male characters, and she actually is racked up a not-insignificant fanbase doing this.
  • Happily Married: She at long last ties the knot with Kabakura in levels 9, after acquiring interested back in amount 7 .
  • Has actually a Type: Likes Prince Charming-type guys and views Hirotaka a beneficial capture, but she’s with Kabakura, who is rougher all over border.
  • High-School Sweethearts: She and Kabakura have been online dating because they were in high-school. The trope try fully knew after Kabakura suggests to the girl as well as afterwards see hitched.
  • Insecure appreciation Interest: A drunken rant discloses that she’s insecure about not Kabakura’s typical sort and concerns that he’s only with the woman since it is convenient for him. He is rapid setting the girl straight.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Downplayed, but the girl more confident personality and curvier figure ways she will get most fanservice scenes than Narumi.
  • Stifled Mammaries: In-Universe, she flattens this lady chest whenever cosplaying. Since she’s extremely well-endowed and usually cosplays as male characters, its confirmed that she’d want to do this being convincingly pull off the girl halloween costumes. Narumi try shocked when Hanako very first demonstrates they, demanding to understand in which the woman tits moved.
  • Healthy Crossdresser: Koyanagi try a cosplay otaku exactly who convincingly dresses as good looking younger dudes, so much so it’s nigh impossible to determine she actually is a lady regardless of her voice while crossdressing.
  • Yaoi Fangirl: To a smaller extent than Narumi, but she in addition indulges in BL and is maybe not compared in any way to Hirotaka posing suggestively with Tarou.
  • Your Gotta has Blue locks: A rare instance of olive green.
  • an elder on the job and Hanako’s longterm date. Mostly a manga and game otaku, although he isn’t as intense about it given that some other primary characters.

    • Color-Coded Characters: Orange. It is the color of their locks with his garments commonly reddish/brown to enhance they.
    • Crazy Jealous man: Taro does not like anyone hoping to get together with girlfriend (and even though scarcely any person knows they truly are in a relationship).
    • Face of a Thug: the guy is likely to need an frowny phrase on his face and then he breaks into frustration blood vessels as he’s especially ticked off. Men and women imagine he usually has an extremely frightening phrase normally.
    • Fiery Redhead: Brash and pretty fast to anger to go with their orange tresses.
    • Enjoys a sort: based on Hanako, their real sort is sweeter ladies like Narumi or Ranka Lee. However, he’s internet dating Hanako, who’s very not even close to said archetype.
    • Heroes favor Swords: is actually a swordsman in the MMORPG the cast performs. Narumi lampshades which matches his identity.
    • High-School Sweethearts: the guy and Koyanagi have already been dating simply because they had been in senior school. The trope is actually fully discovered after he suggests to Koyanagi and additionally they afterwards see hitched.
    • Mistaken for relationship: Upon first fulfilling Naoya, he and Hanako jump to your conclusion that Naoya and Narumi are exes. After, the guy consistently consider Naoya features enchanting designs on Narumi until Naoya reveals himself becoming a Shipper on platform for Narumi and his awesome buddy.
    • Tsundere: he is gruff and will get upset quite easily, but the guy always means well and is also fast in order to get ashamed.
    • Whenever She grins: their Face of a Thug daily permits their laugh as disarming, especially towards Hanako.

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